The United States is one of the most sought after destinations for international students. It has thousands of accredited colleges and universities renowned for choice, quality and flexibility to change fields of study and schools. Nubekan International is a world class educational advisory services that can offer you the best advice on International studies.

  • Education Advisory
  • Visa Advisory
  • School and course selection process
  • Applications process support
  • One-on-one interactive session
  • Workshops & Informative seminars
  • Pre-departure Seminars for students
  • Exhibitions / On Spot Admissions and Assessment.

Key benefits of studying in the US:

  • World Class Colleges and with Cutting Edge Technology.
  • Ranked among the top most respected globally.
  • Academic Excellence with Course flexibility.
  • Campus Diversity and Flexibility.
  • Co-operative educational programs, internship and practical training opportunities provide valuable practical experience to student’s academic profile.
  • Availability of Scholarships, fellowships and assistantships for eligible International students.
  • Global Acceptability.
  • Opportunities to spend an additional year in US to earn valuable, relevant work experience are also available for all the International students.
  • The vast area of the United States of America includes both densely-populated cities with sprawling suburbs.